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As foryou, everybody is a propagator.
Shammy nerd father
Through Maria to yes
Wedding ceremony in the kana
 If "I tell you about what this person is,
It is exactly like that and will have it" 
Gospel two chapters five sections by John
Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam!
You look up to a star, and call for the name of Maria!
January 5, 1888
I establish a community in Japan 
It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery


Setting of a statue of new Maria and the happy person shammy nerd father image
Shiga that was a color was over, and a statue of Maria and a happy person shammy nerd father statue installed in the garden of the shammy nerd monastery on Friday, December 3 came back. It looks at that time.
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