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It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery

With the Society of Mary

The Society of Mary is a monastic order founded in Bordeaux City in France on October 2, 1817 by happy person Guillaume Josef shammy nerd father (1761-1850) for men. I am comprised of cenobite and a Catholic priest, but the member has the same right and duty. It is an international monastic order playing an active part in 29 countries of the world.

The Society of Mary which visited Japan in January in 1888 (Meiji 21) formed the first ascetic practices community at Kanda church of Tokyo and founded the morning star in Tsukiji in February just after that. I established a monastery and a starfish school to Nagasaki with many Catholic believers in 1892 (Meiji 25). I establish monastery and Venus school in Osaka in 1898 (Meiji 31). = 2000, 16, Heisei closing a school) that founded a monastery and "Institute of Saint Joseph" for foreigners in Yokohama in 1901 (Meiji 34). I established a monastery and an intellect mountain school to Kumamoto in 1906 (Meiji 39) (1906 closedown). "The St. Maria apostle school" which trained the children education of the Catholic believer and an applicant of the Society of Mary in 1910 (Meiji 43) when the Japanese "rage reason New Testament" was published founded a school to Shiroyama of Nagasaki. (I transfer it to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1942). I established "St. Josef noviceship" in Mitaka of Tokyo in 1934 (Showa 9), but I was requisitioned in 1939 (14, Showa) by the military authorities, and the noviceship moved in the headquarters monastery "beginning" of Tokyo and moved to Tokyo Kiyose afterwards. As the Pacific War happened in 1941 (16, Showa), "Institute of Saint Joseph" of Yokohama was closed, and the member of the American nationality was sent back home forcibly by the own country. The French and the member of Society of Mary of the foreign family register were confined to Gora of Hakone. The morning star and the school building of the Venus were reduced to ashes by war.
"Thailand astronomy garden" (I return it to the Fukuoka parish at = 48, Showa in 1973) and "the light astronomy garden" of the Sapporo parish are transferred in (21, Showa) in postwar 1946 by the Fukuoka parish and continue up to the present day.

I worked on the Society of Mary mainly in the field of education, but social, many graduates educated for Christianity sense of values contribute with the Catholic Church and are still expected.
Any place other than the field of education, I was shimaki of the Yokohama parish Yamato church from 1983 (58, Showa) and moved the center of shimaki to the small ka storehouse church of the Nagasaki parish from 1987 (62, Showa). (I consign it to = 30, Heisei, the Nagasaki parish in 2018).

We look up to the Virgin Mary as the first pupil accompanying Christ, the best model as the name of the monastic order shows it. I act as the Virgin Mary receives words of God on faith, and having brought the Messiah in the world that there are us in society and brings a life of Christ. I lived together and prayed together, and the cohabitation to assist did their faith wealthily and thought that it was in the source of the Gospel propagation open to others.
The Society of Mary is a monastic order created from "a Malian older brother strike family" of Bordeaux. Therefore, "the believer Mali older brother strike community" which is other branches living-in-; deepen, and "Alians mariaru" of the common meeting acts as the bond with "the Maria monastic order without the dirt" of the girl for the formation of the faith community.
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