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It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery

Shammy nerd father and konguregashion (Holy Mother society)

I came back to Bordeaux in the autumn of 1800 and let you concentrate the groups of the young man who always taught it again, and the Father shammy nerd who spent exile life in Zaragoza of 1 Spain for three years formed "konguregashion" (the Holy Mother society) on December 8.

 konguregashion originally meant "a group" or "a meeting", but the shammy nerd father used this in the meaning called "the gathering as the siblings of the person of Christ who lived in a community". I am equivalent to the thing which we call "believer Mali older brother strike community" (MLC) now.

I deepened the faith of the member, and the reason why 2 shammy nerd fathers devoted themselves to for development of konguregashion was to train it.

 ①As a result of revolution, a traditional church system collapsed in France, and ignorance and the indifference for the religion spread. A non-Christian atmosphere much less the practice of the faith influenced society under such situation. The shammy nerd father accomplished priesthood regardless of danger of the life to regain faith at the loyalty and the mother country to the Catholic Church.

 ②For the church rebuilding, do not come back to the conventional church organization; "noticed that a thing that is the system that was new in the new times and the new Gospel method that it was necessary to put the new wine in the new leather bag (9/17 Matthew) were demanded.

 ③"Forming a dynamic community made use of in the Gospel", this was reiji which I received in a pilgrimage place of "the Holy Mother of the pillar". As Jerusalem first generation community gave Jewish society and people a big impact, I hoped that the shammy nerd father matured into "sacred people" through proof of konguregashion.
 ④konguregashion aims at growing up in "the community which continues taking the Gospel and identification of personality, a role of the Gospel practice". In other words, the shammy nerd father emphasized the active role that a believer occupied in a church. It was the propagation community by the believer who foresaw in "post of believer apostle" that the second Vatican Council (1962-1965) proposed.
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