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It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery

Outlook on baptism of the shammy nerd father

You should see how he acted about baptism, and it is revealed to know the outlook on baptism of 1 shammy nerd father.
 ①He often held meditation party about baptism.
 ②Even the meditation party of other themes mentioned baptism by all means.
 ③Even the narration and the meeting to pupils talked about the baptism.
 ④The meditation society terminated by baptismal update by all means.

With 2, why would the shammy nerd father value baptism like this? I decide to feel his thought and origin of the activity.
 ①I was affected by the French Revolution, and the practice of the Catholic teaching and faith was prohibited for about ten years. That is why a baptismal sacrament and the sacrament conferment of kenshin became the urgent problem to rebuild the Catholic Church, and to deepen the faith of the believer.
 ②The Catholic Church in France and the social conflict resembled the first church and antagonism with the Jewish society that Christianity was just born as. In either case, the faith expression risked death. In confused society after the French Revolution, the enthusiasm of the shammy nerd father who schemed the rebuilding of the church was the courageous action that prepared for martyrdom.
 ③reiji which I received in Zaragoza became the model of the shammy nerd father. The center of the way of life was baptism. It becomes that we resembled Christ by living in baptism, and this is because it can have holiness of Christ. In addition, this is because it can bring Christ to people by sharing the Gospel. The shammy nerd father employed this model to the Virgin Mary and thought that we reached Christ with protection of Maria. The Virgin Mary is a model of the faith, and this is because we can approach Christ through Maria. It depended on this reason that a shammy nerd father employed the Virgin Mary in the base of the life of the older brother strike in Mali.
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