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It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery

The faith that a shammy nerd father was thinking about —I live by faith—

One of the characteristics of the older brother strike in Mali has "faith". Anyone has the faith, what kind of meaning is the faith that a shammy nerd father emphasizes? The face has eyes, and there are a nose, a mouth, an ear, but is different by people little by little. However, the difference expresses a quality of person. I can say the same thing to society and the group. Then, for an older brother strike in Mali, where is the characteristic to distinguish from others?

The shammy nerd father expresses that "he lives for faith" as follows.

 ①Face each other in real world in an open manner.
God exists by various ways. God expresses you in in a neighbor and an event and common everyday life. If we shut a heart and do not open the heart to a neighbor, I will shut a heart to God.
 ②Accept things in an active manner.
Seemingly is expression contradicting it, but "sit idly, and wait" for the receptiveness which a shammy nerd father says, and is not one, and look for intention of God like a radar looking for an electric wave, and is going to catch that; is voluntary, and point to the active receptiveness.

Then how can you detect the intention of God? The shammy nerd father introduces three methods.

 ①Prayer of the faith
 "The prayer of the faith" was effective means to discover intention of God for a shammy nerd father.
He said as follows. Saying "the prayer of the faith employs oneself in existence of God and is to be moved by God, and to change."

 ②I demand advice
The shammy nerd father emphasized it as follows in this connection. Saying "you listen to others I ask it about intention of God seriously and to make a decision to be based and must demand the advice of others." This is because nobody has the clear brain as final decision is possible in defiance of advice and advice with him/her without so much as listening to others.

 ③Be based on experience
The Father shammy nerd emphasized it to demand intention of God saying "a base did past experience, and find new power from there". Experience, the human's experience of the church, the ancient people's experience have big significance. God speaks to us through a history. This is because big power springs out when I add new insight to a base by past experience.

It is "to become a person of the faith" "to live by faith". When "I am hard, I open the heart towards God, and God lives in us and if oneself will be turned, I entrust it to God and am a thing. I can build close relations with God in this way. The shammy nerd father practiced this and left a model through a life.
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