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It is home pe ji of the Society of Mary total headquarters (Rome).
It is the homepage of the Japanese Malian older brother strike family.
Society of Mary - boy monastic order -
1-2-43, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shammy nerd monastery

Prayer of the older brother strike in Mali

1, the prayer are common to every religion with a human characteristic. There is the definition in various ways, but "talks with God" will be the most common things.

2, "the prayer as talks" have "talking" and the two-facedness of "listening" between God with a human being. On the other hand, a human being speaks to God and is the thing that a human being listens to to speak of God in the other.

3, the prayer that I do it for "the talk to God" are managed from four elements.
 ①Prayer (ask) of the entreaty
In many cases, I pray that own wish is taken.
This is the essential element which is common to all religions.
 ②Thanksgiving (thank you)
I appreciate many blessings to have in everyday life.
 ③Prayer (applaud) of the praise
I praise God for an impression to spring out when I touched a thing named the truth, a thing named the good, the thing named the beauty.
 ④Prayer (in hope of the permission) of the apology
It recognizes a mistake and a fault, and it is fantastic to pray for the permission.
I know love and the permission of God and lead to the hope to the future in this way.    

It is an important part of the prayer that listens to 4, "an appeal of God". It faces God for a quiet heart, and it is very important that only God investigates a heart. I can feel work of God in a past event and hard experience. I sense love and the permission of God in an event and the disappointment that shook a heart. For such a prayer, I discover way in the future and it is significant and comes to live in the life.

"The church charter" promulgated by 5, "the second Vatican Council" praises "the Virgin Mary saying it was a person of faith that is model in a beginning". The Virgin Mary is a model of the person of faith for we Mali older brother strike. The Gospel writes, "Maria put these in the heart". Maria considered over an event and only God always looked for the effect and waited until the Sonomi effect became clear. The person who participated in compensation of Christ does not have the Virgin Mary. She entrusted a body and soul to a plan of God. We Mali older brother strike must have faith like the Virgin Mary, too.

I will touch 6, "prayer of 3:00" that is the inherent prayer of the older brother strike in Mali last and "the prayer of the dedication to Maria". I advocated this prayer from a point of foundation and refreshed dedication to the Virgin Mary and hardened mutual unity in the Malian older brother strike families. We refresh dedication to the Virgin Mary by these prayer and promise to strengthen mutual unity.

Prayer of the dedication to Maria
 He/she sent birth people tonararetaon child from young girl Maria that you saved all people the master who was our paper and led it to you. By Maria, please can sound only sonoon child with a person taking charge of us who are formed by a figure in love of Christ for mother Maria.
 You let you participate in the hidden ritual of the Maria oon child and were done with mother of all the new air, the people who lived. Do the contract that we entered into with mother Maria that you are strong. So that I spread love as mother of Maria in the world, and our devotion becomes that I bring up the church which is a body of anatanoon child Christ.
By our main Christ. Amen.

Prayer of 3:00
 Main Christ, we saw it, and we just gathered for the cause with the soup stock that mother and you of you were loved.
 Please forgive our crime caused the passing of you. At the time of this solemn help, you hung us in the heart and gave Maria as mother. It is sincerely thanks itashiomasu.
 Please can sound us who entrust all to mother Maria, your protection to an obedient person for a function of Holy Spirit.
 Let me devote my life without regretting it to meet Maria before St. John, our life, and to achieve the mission.
 Father and a child and a spirit of a dead person be praised everywhere by young girl Maria without the dirt of the crime. Amen.

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